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Cross Dock Shipping

Cross Dock Shipping

Cross Dock Shipping

Cross Dock Shipping (cross docking) is the practice of unloading freight from one transport and loading it directly onto another, with little or no warehousing involved. For many businesses cross dock shipping has the advantage of lowering handling and storage costs, while quickly getting products to the customer.

Cross dock shipping can streamline your supply chain and save you money when you put it in the hands of a third party logistics company with the transport fleet, technology and experience to properly manage and execute it.

Sustainable Logistics provides you with the vast network of carriers and state-of-the-art technology required to maximize the benefits of cross dock shipping. Add to that a professional staff of experienced logistics experts, dedicated to personalized customer service, and you have all the pieces in place to make cross dock shipping work for your company.

Call us today for a FREE consultation on whether cross dock services are a viable solution for your shipping and business.