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Sustainable Logistics is the classic story of three friends, with a combined 50 years of working for others in the logistics industry, believing we could do it better, and starting a company to prove it.

Since we opened for business in 2008, we have become a family owned business still committed to our families and our community. We have not wavered one bit from our core values that brought us together and are the reason for our success:

  • Trust – The trust our clients place in us to transport their shipments responsibly, punctually, and at the lowest possible cost. Plus the trust our carriers and vendors afford us to do what we say, and pay them on time.
  • Integrity – If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients. This has allowed us to attract the most talented and hard working professionals anywhere. They are the key to our highly personalized customer service, and we value their dedicated work.
  • Performance – We deliver. And while profitability and environmental responsibility exist side by side in our business model, we strive to be a “Green” company in every aspect of our performance. From the thoughtful use of backhauls, to a paperless office, to the chemicals in our cleaning supplies, we are always looking for ways to reduce our “Carbon Footprint”.

No matter what size business you are – from small and local, to midsized and regional, to a Fortune 100 corporation – Sustainable Logistics is ready and anxious to serve your shipping and transport needs. As a full service logistics company serving the United States and Canada, we are certain we can increase your efficiency, reduce your costs and build your profits.

Call us today for a FREE consultation! It will be the best phone call you will ever make!

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